Celebrating their 20th year in business, Bluewater Grill was founded by Rick Staunton & Jim Ulcickas. Bluewater Grill has grown into a family of seafood restaurants, located in resort communities, committed to serving guests pristine quality seafood, sustainably caught, and prepared classically or with a modern twist. They operate their own swordfish harpoon boat, The Pilikia, and serve the finest quality locally harpooned swordfish in season. They pride themselves on having built a team of professional, caring and fun staff that will do what it takes to provide a great dining experience that'll keep you coming back time and time again. They're fishermen at heart and want to insure the future availability of seafood and make responsible seafood purchasing a core value of their operation. 



Palm + Ocean has managed Bluewater Grill's Facebook Pages and have seen a 700% increase in Page "shares" and a 100% increase in followers since 2015. We have created 8 unique pages, catered to each resort community Bluewater Grill is located in. With over 200 pieces of unique content a month, Palm + Ocean has established a loyal following for Bluewater Grill. 


We successfully launched Bluewater Grill's Instagram account in February of 2015 and have seen the account grow to over 4,500 followers. With our innovative techniques to obtain a realistic fan base and high quality content, Bluewater Grill's Instagram is curated to perfection. We have created partnerships with Brandi Glanville & Tamra Judge to further Bluewater Grill's reach & follower count.


Launched in February 2015, Bluewater Grill's Twitter account is specifically used to reach out to Social Media Influencers so that Bluewater Grill can grow their Facebook & Instagram accounts. We find that Twitter is the best tool to communicate with influencers & celebrities so that we can create strategic partnerships like our UNFILTERED at Bluewater event with Brandi Glanville.